dark star

DARK STAR was launched in 1988.

Its music is mostly instrumental, a bastard of electronic, psychedelic and rock elements, arranged in a minimalist way and somewhat dronelike, with lots of analogue synth sounds.

Or, as NØ put it quite effectively in his blog, "post-industrial rock with a psychedelic twist".


. . . a short history of DARK STAR recordings . . .

1989 "Arrival Of The Masters Of Confusion"
1990 "States Of Mind"
1991 "No Sign Of Intelligent Life"
1992 "Thanks For The Fish" (compilation)
1992 "Headtrip"
1994 "Travelogue"
2000 "Travelogue II"
2019 "Mix Tape 1989-1991" (compilation)
2019 "Cryonics: 1989-1992" (compilation)
C 50 on Failsafe Productions
C 45 on Failsafe Productions
C 50 on Failsafe Productions
C 45 on Old Europa Cafe
CD (FSCD 01) on Failsafe Productions
CD (spark 44) on Dark Star
CD (sol 86) on Soleilmoon
LP (dub-ito #005) on Dub-Ito
DLP (KH 022) on Knekelhuis
... plus tracks on various mostly European Cassette- and CD-Compilations ...


DARK STAR online resources: BandcampDiscogsInstagram

DARK STAR on vinyl: Knekelhuis BandcampDub-Ito Bandcamp

DARK STAR streaming: SpotifyApple / ItunesDeezer


... what earthlings think about it: a page with lots of reviews ...


Contact: darkstar@surfling.org



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