dark star

Mix Tape 1989-1991

Compilation 12" Released January 2019


lp back cover


lp front cover


The first ever vinyl release by DARK STAR.

The album contains six tracks from the first two DARK STAR cassette releases plus one track by the DARK STAR side project CHAINSAW that had only been released on two "Irre Tapes" cassette compilations before.

"Mix Tape 1989-1991" was compiled, designed and released by the Italian label Dub-Ito. All tracks were remastered by Dietrich Schoenemann at Complete Mastering. Cover art: "120 Skulls on Saló" by Melkio.

You can order copies of the record on their bandcamp page, including instant download options of the tracks as flac files while you wait for the shipping of the vinyl, or you can buy just the tracks as flac files as well.

Or you could just walk into their actual real life record store "Ottagono" in Nocera should you happen to be in the Naples area, and buy the LP there straight from the producers!



A 60 minute DJ mix by Dark Star to accompany the release is online on Mixcloud:


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