dark star

Cryonics: 1989-1992

Compilation 2 x 12" Released May 2019


front cover


back cover


The second vinyl release by DARK STAR.

It contains five tracks off the three DARK STAR cassette releases and four tracks off the 'Headtrip' CD.

It's a double album and was compiled, designed and released by Mark van de Maat of Dutch label Knekelhuis. All tracks were remastered by Wouter Brandenburg at Brandenburg Mastering. Cover photography: 'Dissolution 01' by Rogier Houwen. Poem by Alex Deforce.

You can order copies of "Cryonics: 1989-1992" on the Knekelhuis bandcamp page (or from various online retailers), including instant download options of the tracks as flac files while you wait for the shipping of the vinyl, or you can buy just the tracks as flac files as well.
There also was a very limited run of 50 copies on clear vinyl that is sold out.



You can also stream the album on Spotify.


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