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30 years anniversary surprise 2019

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30 years after the 1989 debut Dark Star cassette release, two DJ friends from Italy decided to pick seven of their favourite tracks from the first two cassette recordings, remaster and then re-release them as the first ever Dark Star album on vinyl.

The album is called "MIX TAPE 1989-1991" and was released in January 2019.

More details here.

A 60 minute DJ mix by Dark Star to accompany the release is online on Mixcloud:

A few months later Dutch DJ Mark van de Maat chose a different selection of tracks from the cassette releases plus tracks from the 'Headtrip' CD, had them remastered and released them as double vinyl album on his label 'Knekelhuis', with an additional very limited run of 50 copies on clear vinyl.

This album is called "CRYONICS: 1989-1992" and was released in May 2019.

More details here.


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